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Selected Publications: Studies, Reports,
Briefs and Presentations

The following studies, reports, briefs, and presentations are representative of some of the work carried out by Thunder Lake Management Inc. Not all publications are listed. For more information, contact TLM.

The following are recent policy, research, strategic planning, facilitation, and evaluation projects.

Writing and Editing

This work is an integral part of experience developed over the last 30 years. It involves writing, reviewing, copy editing, general editing, and proofreading in public sector and academic environments. Work requires sensitivity to client needs to produce consistent value to meet their objectives. Success factors are effective client communication, project planning, and attention to detail. Frequent challenges include tight time lines and occasional mind reading.

    Writing, reviewing and editing official documents for executive decision complying with Government of Canada standards of style and usage. These include Memoranda to Cabinet, Ministerial Memoranda, Ministerial Correspondence, Interdepartmental, Federal/Provincial memoranda and correspondence, and briefing for senior officials.
    Writing, reviewing and editing policy analysis studies, literature reviews, background papers, environmental scans; conceptual framework development; evaluation and performance reports; technical barriers to trade submissions; PowerPoint presentations; Statements of Work, RFPs, RFQs, EOIs.
    Developing background information for speech writing, reviewing and editing draft speeches for content, consistency, and factual errors, and writing speeches and sets of remarks for executives.
    Experience with academic style requirements including Chicago Manual of Style (Turabian), MLA Style Manual, and APSA Style Manual for Political Science.
    Familiar with the styles and standards applied by the Asian Development Bank.
    Extensive experience using Windows Office Suite, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and Adobe Acrobat.

Policy Studies (Policy Development, Planning, Research)

Policy work covers situations where there is a need to contextualize development and business issues in terms of the public interest, current events, current strategic direction, the roles of stakeholders, and identification of sound evidence-based decision options.

    SME Productivity Work Plan (2014) developed initial productivity work plan designed to identify key productivity deficiencies, secure input through stakeholder consultations, and construct remediation strategies for SMEs.
    Federal Manufacturing Agenda (2013) set out the options and likely federal manufacturing agenda with implications for provincial development programming.
    Atlantic Canada Forestry Sector (2012) including industrial structure, size, distribution, demographics, products, technology employed, domestic and international markets.
    Community Food Mapping Project Considerations (2011) identified issues and opportunities associated with data acquisition and interpretation in a project to create a community level map of food availability and distribution.
    Federal/Provincial Funding Arrangements Post-2014 (2010) a review of federal/provincial funding arrangements in Canada that were scheduled to be re-negotiated by 2014, and implications for the post-2014 period.
    A New Framework for Local Enterprise Partnerships, Cornerstone Global (2010) building on the UK Coalition Government's goal of reinvigorating community level development, this document reviewed the options under consideration.
    Local Development Strategy in England, Cornerstone Global (2010) provided further analysis on the UK government's local development strategy.
    A new public service paradigm: innovation through citizen-centred collaboration, contributor, Cornerstone Global (2010) contributed to a paper proposing a new citizen-centred development model.
    Economic Challenges in Prince Edward Island (2010) provided an overview and analysis of the major economic challenges facing the province, as well as offering some new initiatives to address them, including SME development measures.
    Adapting the Canadian experience to help resolve the UK's problems, Blue Paper for Cornerstone Global (2010) an analysis of the UK's proposed adoption of the Canadian model for deficit reduction and fiscal management.
    Fostering Economic Growth in Prince Edward Island: strategies and initiatives for the private and public sectors, (2009). Economic analysis and related SME market strategies and development initiatives in the agri-food, ICT, seafood, primary, advanced manufacturing, aerospace, and renewable energy sectors.
    Atlantic Gateway Federal/Provincial Officials' Committee (2009-2012), acting as a Federal Representative bringing a multi-sector and SME focus to addressing infrastructure and non-infrastructure needs to ensure trade access to Asia Pacific.
    Strategies for Sustaining Economic Growth in PEI (2009) a study of options available to the province to entrench economic growth on a sustainable path.
    Canada-PEI Deputy Ministers' Bioscience Table (2007-2010). Senior Advisor responsible for developing work plan, conducting initial sector analysis, and coordinating the committee's work.

Strategic Planning and Facilitation Projects

Typical work involves facilitating senior executives in developing and implementing strategic plans. These assignments also reflect demonstrated experience in delivering presentations and group facilitation including facilitation of learning, group discussions, or training in instructions and/or facilitation methods.

    Federal-Provincial International Business Facilitation (2015) facilitated consensus around key priorities for the upcoming fiscal year, and assisted with longer term planning needs.
    Corporate Annual Planning Retreat, Facilitator (2014) developed background environmental scan, planning agenda, presentation, and facilitated senior management session to make decisions on a wide range of management issues and objectives for the 2015-2016 fiscal year.
    PEI Export Trade Forum, Facilitator (2014) crafted agenda, guidance questions, and facilitated one day multi-sector consultation to gather views, needs and concerns from the SME export community.
    Priorities and Planning Retreat, Facilitator (2014) developed environmental scan and discussion paper, drafted agenda, and facilitated two day senior management retreat to make decisions on a wide range of management issues and objectives for a science-based organisation.
    Managing Change, Facilitator (2013) prepared environmental scan, planned, organised, and facilitated senior management one day session to identify and plan for organisation change.
    Regional Priority Setting, Facilitator (2012) guided a federal government senior management team through an exercise to establish regional priorities for the upcoming fiscal year.

Organisational Transformation

These projects involve issue identification, organisation and program analysis, consultation and stakeholder engagement. They centre on organisational development issues that entail understanding of current issues and events that shape business development and decision-making.

    Federal/Provincial Export Mechanism Assessment (2015) a review of the current business model based on a SWOT analysis of the organisation and the international task environment.
    Organisation Management Design Options (2014) assessment and options developed to assist with a restructuring being undertaken in a government setting.
    Corporate Priority Identification and Alignment (2014/2013/2012) reviewed and analysed existing programs and policies to support senior management in reorienting a science-based organisation to more fully reflect government priorities and collaborative opportunities over the next 5 years. This analysis was used to crystallise priorities and strategies.
    Resource Utilization Review (2013/2012/2010/2009/2008) an evaluation of current resource allocations at a government economic development agency in relation to mandate, structure and changing program and policy priorities regionally and nationally. The primary focus of these reviews was to identify opportunities within existing resource limits to optimise the organisation's utilisation of resources to support SMEs, post-secondary institutions, research facilities, and private sector associations. Key to the reviews was a focus on improving client service (internally and externally), ensuring the organisation was positioned to address evolving development priorities and providing flexibility for internal succession planning and public service renewal.
    Organisational Priority Planning (2012-2013) carried out analysis and prepared recommendations for a government organisation needing to better align the organisation and its programs with corporate and national priorities.
    Key Management and Decision-making Risks (2012) identified risks arising from the existing policy and organisation environment and prepared risk mitigation strategies.
    An Approach to Setting Strategic Direction (2012) developed an analytical model for clarifying strategic priorities in the field of regional development.
    Opportunity Teams Implementation Strategy (2009) crafted an approach to ensure that a new practice model for account managers could be introduced and managed effectively.

Evaluation and Performance Management

These evaluations typically assessed the relevance of programming, its effectiveness (achievement of desired outcomes) and efficiency/economy (use of resources). The evaluations provided recommendations in support of the continuous improvement of program-related activities within various governmental bodies.

    Strategic Initiatives Screening Tool and Decision Templates (2015) design and development of a screening tool to aid in the selection, comparison and priorisation of strategic economic initiatives, as well as decision and implementation plan templates, and associated PowerPoint presentations.
    Organisation Structure and Student Achievement. A Comparative Analysis (2014) a proposed evaluation for a provincial department of education to pinpoint areas of education system organisation, management, ministry personnel composition, and strategy in which reform measures could lead to student achievement improvement in relation to both Canadian and international competitors.
    Atlantic Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative (2013) was established as a five year program and initially renewed for one year in the 2012-2013 fiscal year. A program rationale for a further extension needed to be developed. Accordingly, the study reviewed existing documentation (reports, assessments, and studies) to develop a performance-based business case for an extension of the program for fiscal year 2013-2014 and 2014-2015.
    Stages and Elements of the Investment Opportunity Evaluation Process (2013) prepared report on evaluation process to be incorporated into current working level project reviews.
    Foreign Investment Management Strategies (2012) carried out evaluation of current governmental approaches and steps to enhance performance and measurement.
    Community Development (CD) Program Sub-program Activity Evaluations (2012-2013 and 2013-2014) coordinated initial planning and implementation at the regional level. This work preceded the beginning of fieldwork for the evaluation and formal data collection.
    Innovation Programming Review (2012) coordination and advisory resource to the development of the evaluation strategy for regional development programming to support innovation and technology.
    Policy, Advocacy, and Co-ordination (PAC) Evaluation (2012/2006) managed and reviewed evaluation activities for the PAC functions at the regional level.
    PEI Trade & Investment Programming (2011) prepared evaluation of existing international business strategy with recommendations to enhance productivity and competitiveness, including SME export training and awareness.
    Federal/Provincial Cooperation Program Evaluations (1989-1993) directed federal management of sector specific federal/provincial funding agreements (fisheries, transportation, agriculture, industrial development, technology, forestry, and others) valued at more than $14 million annually. Under my direct supervision, each of these underwent a program evaluation to assess performance and provide guidance for possible renewal.

Trade & Investment Projects

These projects draw on extensive knowledge and experience with regional and economic development in Canada and foreign markets, global government practices, and international economic performance.

    Foreign Direct Investment Trends and Challenges (2014) an overview of current international trends and challenges in attracting and retaining FDI.
    Canada/EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement: SME Challenges and Opportunities (2014) providing analysis of goods and services sector threats and opportunities facing SMEs as well as proposing a package of up to $400 million in specific initiatives.
    Trade and Investment Opportunities in Southeast Asia (2013) identifying SME business opportunities in priority sectors including Aerospace, ICT, Agriculture and Agri-food, Fisheries, Bioscience, Professional Services, and Education and Training.
    Approaches to Managing the Investment Portfolio (2013) conducted review of a federal government investment unit's approach and results, and offered alternatives to improve performance.
    Potential Deliverables, President of Chile Visit (2012) developed a set of host activities and analysis to support the visit of the President.
    International Trade Scoping Exercise (2012) analysis of a range of potential activities to be undertaken as part of an International Business work plan focused on expanding sales and markets for SME exporters, and cultivating emerging potential exporters.
    Republic of Cuba: trade, investment and development outlook (2009) an economic overview, including commercial and trade relations with PEI/Atlantic Canada, and sector opportunities identification.
    Defence, Reconstruction, and Development: Kandahar Province and Kandahar City (2009) provided an assessment of export opportunities arising from Canada's involvement in Kandahar Province.
    Immigration Data Analysis A Background Paper for the Government of Prince Edward Island. July 2002
    Antidumping Provisions and Highly Perishable Agricultural Products. January 2002.
    Trade and Material Injury: The Case for Non-Trade Factors. July 2001.
    Duty Avoidance Strategies. July 2001.
    Suspension Agreement Issues. May 2001
    US Antidumping Law and Practice as Applied to Fisheries Cases. March 2001.
    US-Canada Potato Trade: Impact of the Border Closure. December 2000
    Permissible Subsidies and Regional Development in the Next Round. November 2000.
    Atlantic Canada and Canadian Trade Policy: Responding to the Trade Negotiations Agenda. November 2000.
    ETRADE POLICY: Addressing Virtual Protectionism. a survey of ecommerce issues at the international level. August 2000
    The WTO Beyond 2000. How to Survive a Train Wreck, Public Forum. March 2000
    Subtle Forces: Trade Policy and Regional Development. February 2000
    The WTO Round and Atlantic Canada, 1999 Diplomatic Forum, Public Sector. November 1999
    The Millennium Round and Atlantic Canada. September 1999
    Negotiating Trade Related Investment Measures. August 1999.
    Millennium Round Status Report. June 1999
    Canada - United States Trade Disputes, 1994 - 1998. May 1999.
    The WTO Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures and Allied Negotiations. May 1999.
    Provincial Participation in the Millennium Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations. April 1999. Opinion Canada, Vol.1, No. 16 - July 1, 1999.
    The Millennium Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations: The Provinces and Treaty Making. A Submission to the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade, House of Commons. April 1999.
    Provincial Jurisdiction in the Millennium Round. Foreign Identification of Provincial Policies, Practices, and Measures. March 1999.
    Atlantic Canada in the Millennium Round. A Discussion Paper on the Region's Place in the Next Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations. March 1999.
    Atlantic Canada and the Trade Negotiations Agenda. A Discussion Paper. February 1999.
    Environmental Issues in the Millennium Round: Preliminary Planning for A Potential Negotiation on Trade-Related Environmental Measures. January 1999.
    The Millennium Round: Considerations on the Strategic Architecture. Submission to the Government of Canada. December 1998.
    New Issues: International Trade in Services. Preliminary Planning for the Further Negotiation of the General Agreement on Trade in Services. October 1998.
    Advisory Statement on Taiwan Market Access Strategy and Promotional Programme. September 1998.
    New Frontiers: Higher Education and the International Market. Priority Planning for Recruitment and Education Services. June 1998.
    Knowledge Based Services Exporters, Knowledge Assessment Methodology Workshop. February 1998.
    Asian Financial Developments: Some Trade Impacts. January 1998.
    Rural Revitalisation and Export Enterprises, The Canadian Rural Restructuring Foundation Conference. October 1997
    Export of Knowledge Based Services, Knowledge Based Export Study Steering Committee Meeting. May 1997
    North American Herbal Food Market, Incoming Shandong Technology Delegation (Provincial Planning Commission, Qingdao, Shandong, China). July 1995
    Third Country Joint Venture Prospects in Food Processing: Taiwan, Canada, and Transitional Economies, Canada-Taiwan Business Association, Saint Andrew's-by-the-Sea, New Brunswick. June 1995
    China Market Strategies Panel, Moderator, Canada-China Business Council Meeting. February 1995
    Pharmaceutical Study Proposal, Private Sector. January 1995
    Prefeasibility Project Report, World Bank/Kyrghyz Republic Investors Conference on Agro-Industries, Paris. December 1994
    Seafood Product Promotion, Dah Chong Hong, Hong Kong. November 1994
    Feasibility Study Results, Ministry of Agriculture, Vilnius, Lithuania. November 1993
    The Dangers of Unilateralism, Monopolies, and Restrictive Trade Agreements, World Academy Annual Meeting, July 1993
    Agriculture and Trade Prospects, Ministry of Agriculture, Vilnius, Lithuania. June 1993
    Agriculture and Trade, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Kishinev, Republic of Moldova. November 1992
    Food Industry Trade Consultation, Public Sector. October 1992
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