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link to us from your web site. by choosing one of the thunder lake pages, you provide an easy way for your visitors to have quick access to international trade policy analysis and resources. just follow the steps below.

step 1: select the site page you want to link to:

the graphic to use is:

step 2: download the graphic for your web site:

  1. place your cursor over the graphic displayed above.
  2. click your right mouse button.
  3. in the pop-up window that appears, click 'save image as', or the equivalent phrase.
  4. choose the location on your hard drive and click 'save'.
  5. upload the graphic to your web server.

step 3: when you place the graphic on your site, you will need to link it to:

to retrieve the html link: highlight the text box, right click, choose "copy" and paste into your html page. if the graphic is uploaded to an image file, be sure to modify the html link to reflect its location on your server. for example, your coded link might look like this:

<a href=""><img src="/images/banner.gif"></a>

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