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Coffee Table Photography Books

Inspired by the photographic journal I assembled called, "Beautiful Greece. An Island Odyssey" (ISBN 978-0-9784456-0-7), these new image collections bring a sharp focus to the delights of two beautiful places -- Chania and Santorini.

The photo essays present image highlights in Chania, with over 60 high quality, full colour pictures, and a brief commentary that captures the mystery and beauty found around every corner.

The Santorini photo essay features over 75 high quality, full colour images, with a brief commentary that puts the emphasis on the amazing photography.

You can see the first 15 pages of these books before making an order. The minimum order is 1, so it's very easy to enjoy these books.

1. Santorini Souvenir Book

TITLE: Santorini

ISBN 978-0-9784456-2-1

To see the first 15 pages, just go to the Santorini Book Page.

2. Chania Souvenir Book

TITLE: Chania Around The Prefecture

ISBN 978-0-9784456-1-4

To see the first 15 pages of this book, go to the Chania Book Page.

You can see Beautiful Greece, by going to the Beautiful Greece Book Page

This is Print On Demand. POD is the wave of the future for book printing and booksellers. Compared to traditional publishers, POD offers booksellers superior inventory management and control, efficient cashflow management, and no minimum purchases. For authors, it eliminates snail-like responses from arthritic old publishing houses.

Please direct inquiries about these products to books at thunderlake dot com.

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